Interest in NWSS Participation 
  NWSS Wastewater Sampling Interest Survey
This survey is intended to assess overall interest in participating in the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) National Wastewater Surveillance System (NWSS).
Participation in NWSS would include collecting wastewater samples to be analyzed for the presence and quantification of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA. Most facilities have found that these activities fit well within their compliance testing protocols and all supplies and shipping costs for the program are covered by DPH. These data will serve as an additional tool for public health professionals, communities, and decision-makers alike in understanding COVID-19 trends in a community.
1 . Please enter your name.
2 . Please enter your job title.
3 . Please enter your phone number.--
4 . Please enter your email address.
5 . Please enter the name of your associated facility (or facilities).
6 . Please enter the county (or counties) associated with the facilities entered in question 5.
7 . Are you interested in participating in Georgia NWSS?
         Yes, and we would like to begin the onboarding process.
         Unsure, we would like additional information prior to moving forward
8 . How do you prefer to receive information on the program? We offer virtual question and answer sessions, one-on-one meetings, email, or phone calls and are open to other communication methods. Please select your preferred communication method (you may choose more than one)
       virtual question and answer, no more than 30 min
       one-on-one meeting
9 . If you answered "Other" in question 8, please describe your response.
10 . Do you currently have access to sewershed boundaries and/or sewershed shapefiles? If you have another form of documentation of your sewershed boundaries, e.g., physical map, please describe in 'other' (question 11).Yes No Other 
11 . If you answered "Other" in question 10, please describe your response.
12 . Please list any other comments, suggestions, or concerns below:
Please reach out to if you have additional questions, concerns, or if you have any issues with the survey. Thank you for your time!