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Welcome to the COVID-19 Point of Care Test Reporting Portal

Only rapid, point-of-care test results should be reported using this Portal. If you need to report other results from tests performed in-house (e.g., RT-PCR) or results from specimens sent to a commercial laboratory, please download the COVID-19 Test Reporting Requirements document below for more information on how those can be reported.

At-Home Tests/Personal Registrations are not permitted on this site. Healthcare Providers, Schools, Long Term Care Facilities, Labs and other approved organizations performing Point of Care testing, are the only entities whom should be reporting on this site. Individuals should NOT enter their at-home test results in this portal.

The COVID-19 Point of Care Test Reporting Portal is restricted to authorized personnel. You must be a registered User in order to access this site. If you are a new user and have not yet registered for an account, please click Register (New User) below to complete the registration form.

State and District Public Health Staff should access this Reporting Form through their SendSS account. This Portal is for external users only.

**** Updated Language in the COVID-19 Test Reporting Requirements, please see below. Only Positive Point of Care test results need to be reported here. ****

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 COVID-19 Point-of-Care Test Reporting User's Guide (Last Updated 04.20.2022)
 COVID-19 Test Reporting Requirements (Last Updated 04.12.2022)
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